Thursday, January 05, 2006
Review - Wolfmates 3: Moon Over Manhasset by Dakota Cassidy
Review - Wolfmates 3: Moon Over Manhasset by Dakota Cassidy
Changling Press eBook ( - January 2006

This ebook is the story of Julia Lawrence, an entrepreneurial she-wolf who just happens to design haute couture outfits for pets and Xavier Wolf, a were-lion investment advisor.

Julia has made a lot of money from her business of dressing dogs and cats but her love life has her knickers tied in knots when it's the full moon and she's feeling all the urges that go with it. It is, after all, hard to get a human SO distracted that they are willing to overlook her tail making appearances at socially (and sexually) inconvenient moments.

Even though her tail wouldn't be an issue if she dated and slept with fellow werewolves, Julia much prefers humans - not nearly as stinky and certainly less hairy. In her disgust at her tree-hugging and bunny petting family, she's stays well away from their vicinity and settles for occasionally assisting them with money or touching base with a phone call.

Xavier has a true talent as an investment advisor and approached Julia to see if he can persuade her to open an account with him and let him make more money for both of them. He and Julia hit it off right away and soon the investment meeting has turned into a whole new type of merger!

When Xavier and Julia each discover that the other person is NOT a human, the fur begins to fly. What is a she-wolf (with a distaste for werewolves) and a werelion (from a family who never mates outside their own kind) supposed to do when they aren't tearing up the sheets and licking body parts?? Then things go from bad to worse. Julia and Xavier are challenged to overcome prejudices and assumptions if there's any hope of a happily ever after between cats and dogs!

This book really cracked me up. The spunky heroine with her tail problems and her impatience with her relatives was a terrific counter-point to Xavier's rather staid and traditional ways.

Since I'm usually considered the oddball blacksheep of my family, I was amused by Julia's exasperation with her family and their causes.

Great sex scenes without need for Barbie and Ken mock-ups.

One telling thing to me was the story was really really funny without the feeling that it was trying too hard to be so. A shortfall with a lot of the erotic comedy I've read is that it tries so hard to be funny that it fails to be erotic. Not so here!

Another one to save on the ebook archive for later re-reading! I'm now hoping for a 4th in this series by Dakota Cassidy.


  1. Oh, sweetness, THANK YOU. LOLLOL

    That you laughed is what's most important to me. I always want everyone to walk away feeling like they had a long night of partying, without the subsequent hangover :)

    Dakota :)

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