Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Sexylips66 by Dakota Cassidy
Review: Sexylips66 by Dakota Cassidy
Triskelion Publishing ebook - January 2006
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In an effort to protect her job as a columnist from the hip and trendy younger crowd, Callie Winston has convinced her boss to let her do a column focused on online dating. After joining Heavenly Hookups, an internet dating site, she's absolutely floored by the number of responses she receives to her ad - many of which seem to focus on her lips!

Among the huge number of responses, most of which are easily dismissed as being either seriously odd or seriously creepy, Callie finds a few that seem worth really investigating and one of those is the response of Brian Benson.

Brian's career military life has left little time for the softer things but something about Callie calls to him.

His reponse to Callie's ad ignites her interest as well and their unexpected connection with each other is just begging to be explored - column or no column.

This was an interesting book for me. I'm very familiar with Dakota's more comedic works and while this book certainly shared some of the same elements, it was much more complex than her shorter works.

I always love Dakota's heroines - smart, snarky and self-assured but Callie seemed even more three dimensional. She had hang-ups and insecurities but they weren't harped on too much (you know, that over the top moment when *I* offer to fund a therapist if I never have to hear about it again). Yet she wasn't a bitch. I don't like heroines that I feel need a good slap down -they make me root for the villains.

Brian had a compelling mix of self-assuredness and vulnerability but I really liked that he wasn't making Callie do either all or none of the work. I hate it when things are one-sided!

It was a great read and I hope Dakota does more in this line, as well as her shorter comedies.


  1. you called me COMPLEX.

    Do you know what you just did for me?

    You made me feel layered and well, layered. LOLLOL

    It was a more complex book, though essentially, boy meets girl. The comedic elements warred with the emotional aspects, for sure. I had a longer venue to work with and I focused a lot of the heroine's emotions. I think I wanted to see if I could layer more adeptly. The laughs I don't much think about because that just happens. It's natural. The emotional aspect, a far harder thing for me to do in terms of lengthy.

    But THIS, this was a stab at giving the character's dimensions.

    And you called me COMPLEX.

    I think I love you :)

    Thanks, babe!

    Dakota :)

  2. awesome - so glad you liked it.

    I think Dakota really shows some depth in this book and I know she was worried her comedic fans wouldn't appreciate it, so big yay.


  3. I know that anyone who's read Dakota's books will love this one, and I KNOW that it'll bring even more fans to Dakota. Pretty sure she'll have to use fingers AND toes to count all her fans *g*

    Dakota....I told ya so! This story is really really really really good :)

    ~Erin the Innocent

  4. Nice review! I have been wanting to read this but when I went to get it the Triskelion Publishing site annoyed me and I ended up just closing out.

    need to go back...

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