Sunday, January 15, 2006
The Society 2: Midas Treasure by Brenda Bryce
Review - The Society 2: Midas' Treasure by Brenda Bryce
LooseID ebook ( - January 2006
Publisher Rating: Hot

Aileen Slipsworthy, the author of children's science fiction and fantasy books has moved to a quiet cottage in Oceanside, California in order to escape the stalking of her cheating and greedy ex-boyfriend. But instead of privacy and peace, she becomes the prey of Mykil Votad, the Midas for the vampire Society.

When Mykil grabs Aileen in order to have a quick meal, he loses control of himself and takes too much blood. During the course of his trying to make sure she doesn't die from his hunger, he discovers she has the Sumerian gene necessary for her to become his mate. Instead of simply giving her a transfusion, he transforms her into a vampire as well.

When Aileen wakes up and Mykil informs her that she is now his mate, the fun really begins. Mykil tries to convince her that being a vampire isn't so bad, but has to do so between the constant inauspicious appearances of Aileen's ex-boyfriend, the disappearance of friends and family and a mystery they must solve.

I enjoyed this is the second story in Brenda's vampire series "The Society". I liked the vampire world that Brenda introduced in her first book in this series and I'm very pleased to see more of it.

Aileen was a very strong but amusing heroine that had a soft side and a remarkable ability to cope once her initial disbelief was dispelled but didn't fall into the trap of believing too easily. Mykil had some very distinct personality quirks that really made me chuckle when they were exhibited.

Whenever the ex-boyfriend made an appearance, I was eager to see just what would happen to him this time.

The overall pacing of the book was excellent - I never found myself skimming over areas or feeling like things were bogging down or too fast.

I'll definitely buy the next book by Brenda and I'm hoping for a book on Shiye!


  1. Ahem,
    Thank you for the wonderful review and YES, Shiye gets a story. The fifth book will be all his. :)

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