Sunday, February 12, 2006
Review: Tempestuous by Morgan Hawke
Tempestuous by Morgan Hawke
eXtasy ebook - February 2006
Publisher Rating: Inferno

Rusty is working as a costume designer when an actor comes in to pick up several costumes ordered for a show he is starring in. This gorgeous actor sees the fox mask Rusty had made in his teen years locked in a case and announces that he has a mask just like it, only white.

Rusty has managed to blank out the incident that caused him to create the mask and left him with incredible strength as well as scars on his neck.

But now he will be forced to remember - and how will he deal with the reality that he was changed forever during that event and now must learn how to handle his life and the actor...

I'm a serious Morgan Hawke fan, as some of you may know. When her first anime based offering was released, I was somewhat dubious. I have never been a fan of anime but I decided to give it a try.

I haven't regretted it since... ;)

This latest offering is a VERY hot yaoi (m/m) story based on the japanese mythology of kitsune (fox spirits). I was not at all surprised to find the erotic and sexual scenes enthralling but I am again surprised with how easily Morgan gets me to suspend disbelief and enter the world of a foreign (to me) mythology. The rich settings and sensuality inherent in Morgan's work are truly amazing :)

If you want to give a m/m storyline a try, this would be a great book to explore it with. Don't let the fact it's Yaoi or anime put you off - it's a great book!


  1. Hey, that sounds like a good one!

  2. Wow Maura,
    - Thank you for that spectacular review!

  3. Yahhhh! Morgan writes kickass stuff!!

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