Sunday, September 11, 2005
Once again I've fallen in the trap of "thinking too much on the way to work" and decided on the way to work on Thursday (I think) that there should be a good book written on chain mail jewelry (one of my many hobbies). I certainly have the expertise to write the book and demonstrate many of the common patterns and techniques. I have resources for reviews and materials. I even have a decent idea of how to present the materials well. Now all I need is a publisher.

So I sent an email inquiry to the first publisher that came to mind (Beadwork's publisher, Interweave) and we'll see if I get a response. I did find out a bit later that Lark Publishing is planning to release a book on it in 2006 so maybe I will just skip trying to market to them. I'm trying to not spend too much time on this right now until I know if there's a buyer possible but I may at least do a draft outline and first chapter in the next few weeks to demonstrate my intent.

Too many ideas, too little of me!


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