Saturday, September 03, 2005
Who could tell that getting a simple one page website up could manage to eat up several hours? I've played with FrontPage before and had some idea of what I was doing but I'm amazed at the length of time I managed to spend looking for just the right font or graphic.

So far the website is content light but I'm hoping to fix that over the next few weeks as I get more stories into a state where at least an unedited bit can be published. I can see how this could become a whole new time sink!

But, on the other hand, I got some ideas written down today for another series of paranormal romances that are witchcraft based. I can't wait until I can buy my new tablet PC so I can make all this data live on one machine that I can tote around with me and not have to surrender to my husband so he can do something besides stare at the TV while watching our four year old.

- Maura


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