Monday, October 17, 2005
Conference Reports (and Exhaustion)

After spending three days at the Emerald City Writers' Conference and then the following three days at a software conference, I am definitely All Conferenced Out at this point. Who knew that 6 days of sitting on my rear listening to other people could be so exhausting....

There were quite a few good talks at both conferences, however, so I am not at all sorry I went. My new tablet pc was a huge hit at both conferences! I swear I should approach Hewlett Packard and see if I can talk them into demoing or donating one for next year's RWA Nationals. It's a great tool and people were fascinated by it.

I got talked into participating in a challenge from Cherry Adair. She gave all of us an envelope and paper on which to write a date we will have something finished by and promises a special present to everyone who meets their goal, to be presented at the next Emerald City Writers' Conference. I signed up to finish by my son's birthday next year. I usually work better with a deadline so here's hoping!

Myself and two other ladies from my local RWA chapter spoke about setting up our own little critique group since there isn't one in our chapter already. NOOBS UNITE! I haven't seen an email from them yet so I should get off my duff and send them one to get it started.

Lots to do! Lots to think about! Ieeeeee!


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