Thursday, January 26, 2006
The 3x5 cards are paying off!
For some reason when I manage to get enough sleep I can actually think in the morning! Well, thoughts other than "where can I stop for coffee" and "I wonder if the barrista will be appalled if I ask for a quad mocha?"

Today I was driving to work and my mind was wandering off on odd tangents. During all this I got a great idea for a paranormal comedy series and, having planted pens and 3x5 cards in just about every room and car I have, I was able to write down the idea and any points I'd thought of while stopped at a light. I tossed the card in my purse and when I got home today, i was able to add it to the "Ideas" pile.

It was actually incredibly freeing to be able to just scrawl the idea down and let it go so I could actually get work done at my day job.... And it was great to NOT be fighting to keep some sort of method going that doesn't work with my personality or life.



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