Saturday, January 21, 2006
Blog Redesign
After deciding that I hated the frustration of fiddling with my blog look and feel and wanting something more personal than blogspot's generic templates, I noticed a link on KarenS's blog for the folks that had done her web design - Design-A-Blog.

Well, I signed up, worked with gemmak and this is the result! I'm jazzed and who wouldn't be when it looks so stellar and I did no work!!! Well, other than be bossy and keep sending lists of stuff to her - her patience was boundless.

Unlike a lot of folks, I had definite ideas of the look and feel I wanted as well as some artwork and fonts that my website is going to use that I wanted to also use in the blog so they have the same look and feel. I'm sure this makes it harder for a designer than someone who comes with a clean slate and says "I want a modern blog in greys and greens with a cat theme".

I personally recommend Design-A-Blog and especially gemmak if you want a blog redesign for a very inexpensive price and with great results!

Thanks gemmak - you made my week!

- Maura


  1. Fan-tab-u-lous, cookie!

    Dakota :)

  2. hi maura, babe,

    this looks wonderful and i love the sparkly little glittery lights when on the mouse overs


  3. Hey Maura, Gemmak did mine too, and she did it exactly how I wanted it! They are rather fabulous aren't they?

    Isn't it nice to get away from crappy normal template!

    Now all you have to do is to change your comments box, so it appears in a separate window *g*

  4. GemmaK is definitely fab! And so easy to work with.

    Of course you mean 'You need to figure out HOW to change the comment box so it appears in a separate window' :)

    Yep, Real Soon Now (tm)

    Thanks for visiting!

  5. Woot - with that lovely hint from Karen S, I figured it out from the blogger help files.

    Thanks Karen!

  6. Muchos better Maura!

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