Saturday, January 14, 2006
Okay, I've decided to surrender to reality:

1) I am NOT a graphic artist.
2) While I can write html and C# code, it's not my passion.
3) I don't have enough hours in the day to do everything and I want my website(s) and blog to look nice.

So I looked around and saw that Design-A-Blog had done KarenS's blog and, after looking through their portfolio, I decided to hire them to make my blog look nice and have some resemblance to the website redesign I'm struggling over.

Poor GemmaK is probably hating life now after I innundated her with graphics and the requests I was making. I'm certain that good things will come of it but she may put me in her killfile by the time it's done!

So I just have to struggle with the website - leading, of course, to my reading a book on web site design and then I have a book on FrontPage after that to glance through. Leaving me with 3 websites to resign - my fiction author site, my technical writing site and my local RWA chapter site.


- Maura


  1. You may be struggling through it, but look how much good it's doing!!

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