Saturday, February 04, 2006
Ah Blogspot
So after being unable to read pretty much ANY blog on blogspot and getting a DNS error instead (which was not unique to me OR my service provider), I can finally see the blogs again.

But this one still appears to be weirded out. One post disappeared yesterday and multiple comments so I have no faith for at least a while that things have stabilized.

I wish I would at least hear back from them on the request I sent in to have them look into it.

ah well.....


  1. The problems seems to have sorted themselves out on Blogger. That kind of thing doesn't happen all that often.

    I'd commented on your last post about one negative flame war I saw, but wasn't part of. It was in a graphics group, nothing to do with writing. The owner had rules and one of the users broke them, and the owner reprimanded rather than request a change and from there it escalated into name calling on both sides. Others got involved too and a handful of users left. I left the group too even though I didn't get involved because it didn't strike me as a supportive environment to discuss art and I'm sure I'd accidentally post the wrong thing too. Ah, last night I posted an excerpt when that group doesn't allow that. I just got a polite reminder. That is the way it should be.

  2. Thanks Annalee.

    I ended up settling for one small snarky response (no attacking) because I failed my saving throw. But then just gave myself a timeout for a while until I wasn't so thin skinned.

    I didn't want the others on the loop to feel uncomfortable, either because of just the issue or because they felt like they had to choose a side. Ah well....

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