Wednesday, February 15, 2006
A Case of the Fiddles
So last night I was trying to work on my WIP. After finally getting the fixes integrated from the list of issues my patient critique partner sent me (thanks Jaynie), I was ready to begin writing new scenes.

At least I thought so.

I did get about 300 words written but I seemed to have to drag them out one by one. And I kept finding myself trying to go back and tweak the prior chapter.

I got to thinking about it and realized two things. One is that, at least for me, editing and polishing is a separate stage from the actual writing. While I do tend to polish a little and try to not sound lame as I'm writing new material, I definitely go into a separate mode when I start to edit and polish.

So, at least in part, it was because I was still in "edit" mode.

But I also realized that my muse, if you will, was trying to tell me something. My heroine was far too relaxed given the stage in the book and story. Instead of dropping the tension just a little from the prior very intense scene, I'd dropped it too far. So I went back and changed the tone of the last scene to make fit better.

Hopefully tonight I can go back to writing. I need to make an average of over 1K a day to make my deadline. I might have a little leeway because I think 65K is probably a bit long of an estimate but not by too much.



  1. Hey Maura girl
    out blogging and realized...umm...I have never visited your blog lol! I don't actually visit many. Anyway, I commented on your topic about race and books. I think I'm probably odd in my response lol!

    Keep writing chica!!!!

  2. Keep writing, girl. You're on your way. *grin*

  3. LOL - you still owe me some comments Tyler!

    Thanks - I'm trying. It's interesting how some days you can do no wrong and the story just writes itself and some days you're lucky to not hate all 10 words you managed to write...

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