Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Tyler Blackwood tagged me so here goes:

Current Clothing: Polar fleece pants and shirt
Current Mood: good - actually got to 25% done on my WIP tonight.
Current Refreshment: Coffee
Current Annoyance: one of my cats is trying to sit on the mouse while I'm using it.
Current Avoidance: Huge visio state model for day job.
Current Smell: Mango lip gloss I have on.
Current Thing You Ought To Be Doing: Sleeping
Current Thing or Thing on Your Wall: Dry erase board and EC "hunks" calendar
Current IM Person You're Talking To: No one, I turned it off when I was writing.
Current Jewelry: 3 sets of captive bead rings, a fire opal ring and necklace. And a piece of body jewelry.
Current Book: Sylvia's Bad Boys Ahoy - just came in the mail.
Current Worry: Whether I can finish and sell my WIP. And whether it sucks, despite a few reassurances that it doesn't.
Current Favorite Celebrity: Lofa Tatupu
Current Obsession: writing
Current Love: writing
Current Longing: more sleep
Current Disappointment: Have to do yet another interview for the new job I thought I had bagged.
Current Lyric in Your Head: "The Internet is for Porn"
Current Music: none
Current Favorite Book: No one favorite
Current Wish: That I can sell my WIP and get my fiction writing career off the ground.
Current Happy Thing: I got 25% complete on the WIP!
Current Undergarments: Fuschia and Teal panties
Current Desktop Picture: Glowing Tendrils
Current Weekend Plans: Laundry, housecleaning and writing when I can.

I want to see JaynieR's list!


  1. Hope you got your nap in! Why is it that writers seem the natural targets of aggravation for cats?

  2. This one cat, Merlin (the one who had the V.E.T. visit earlier) is very very thrilled when he manages to sneak into the office. He was asleep behind my monitor, which was fine, but apparently unsatisfying.

    I finally had to toss him out:)

  3. LOL My empathy is with you, girl!

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