Monday, February 27, 2006
Day Job Update
I had my (supposedly) final interview today at work for the new test job I've been jonesing and angsting over. It went really well - I like the Product Unit Manager (PUM) I interviewed with and he made noises like it was a done deal after he talked to one of the managers and HR. He did say I should hear back this week and if I didn't, that I should send him an email on Friday morning so he could check on what was going on.

I'm pretty happy (and tired) but I won't be totally at ease until I have the formal offer. Of course it also means moving my office and taking a bunch of stuff home because it's possible that I will have to share an office again - BLEH.


  1. WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!! You go, chica.

    Still got my fingers crossed :)

    DC :)

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