Friday, February 03, 2006
Flame Control
So I have an interesting personal quandry....

When someone is annoying the shit out of you, not flaming or attacking but just has a manner of behavior that RUBS on you badly, on a loop that you do not own or manage but do actively participate in (as do they but they aren't an owner either).

Do you :
1) Say something on the loop when that person is being annoying?
2) Say something to the person in private mail?
3) Complain to the owner(s)?
4) Go to lurking only?
5) Don't read anything posted by that person again? (i.e. flip the idiot bit)
6) Leave the loop?

I'm just stuck. I lost my cool yesterday and came close today though I did manage to only respond with sarcasm instead of an outright flame.

I guess my biggest issue is I am ticked off when someone seems to go out of their way to make other people appear to be uneducated and/or stupid. I realize that there's free speech and the only thing *I* can control is my own reaction but apparently this is a big hot button for me.

It makes me wonder how other people control their desire to flame the crap out of someone on a loop...

Any advice?


  1. E-mail is really a pain because we type so informally yet people read it word for word. Too easy to make a mistake. Once at work the woman I answered to for the grant I over replied to an e-mail, "I resent that information". I was worried but didn't want to answer by e-mail in case I made the situation worse, so I called her up and asked where the miscommunication was coming into play. Turns out that she'd meant "re-sent", at which point I told her... "I didn't receive it" and she sent it again. Good lesson that when emotions get involved, e-mail can really get us in trouble.

  2. See... even missed a word in that reply. Ah, gee. I was trying to say I used to be in charge of a grant, but didn't correct that part.

  3. I think it's better to just e-mail privately. Honestly, sometimes it's real hard to shut up, beleive me, I know.

    However, it sucks for the others around you who don't know what to do and instinct (in my experience) dictates that they'll want to make it better. Sometimes, it just makes it worse for you cuz yer pissed.

    Then, sides are taken, lines drawn. One-on-one is always better than a public flaying.

    And to that annoying person who knows it all. I just think silently, "I am SO superior to you." LMAO

    I'm kidding :)

    DC :)

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