Sunday, February 12, 2006
Home at last!
Home from my weekend visit to my mother. It is her birthday today and we had a nice visit. C graceously stayed home with the pre-schooler and I got more sleep than I often get over the week.

We also got a chance to take the Max in and make the pilgrimmage to Powell's. I could live in that bookstore, I swear! We spent several hours there and I completely skipped some areas when my feet started to hurt. I was also limited by just what I could carry on the Max so I couldn't indulge my book collector self TOO much :)

Despite my best intentions, I got absolutely no writing done while I was there. I did get a few pieces critiqued for my crit group but nothing done on my WIP.

On the drive home (about 2.5 hours) I had some interestind new ideas for stories. In case anyone is interested, it's not the best idea to try to scrawl down the ideas while driving. I ended up pulling off at a McDonald's and getting a soda so I could write down the ideas without endangering myself or others.

But home now, just have to get moving again on my writing....


  1. I always get ideas when I'm traveling too. Something about being "elsewhere" inspires. Maybe because at home I see the same 4 walls so to speak. LOL.

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