Saturday, February 25, 2006
How to Gain Spousal Support....
Hook them TOO!

C has been listening to me wax poetic (well, at least excitedly) about the various authors I really like and Morgan Hawke in particular. She and JaynieR have taught me SO much. I keep expecting him to start rolling his eyes but so far he's been very polite :)

Today I needed a little while by myself and decided to go to the store - well, there might be a littel bit of procrastination in there too, but what else is new. So before I escaped and stranded him with the Morganator (our pre-schooler), I brought up my copy of Morgan Hawke's Victorious Star on the laptop.

He only made it through the first sections but I think he may be hooked, or at least well on his way.

Muhahhaahhahahah :)


  1. That's awesome. I think it's great C supports you. It's really cool that he sometimes reads your blog (even when you're trying to keep something from him, hehe).

    Enjoy your procrastination, I mean your You Time! We all need those.

  2. Morgan is KINKY!

    I liked it.

    some of this 'housewife porn' isn't just for housewives...

    Sentient ships, augmented humans, perverted aliens, a decent plot that isn't focussed on a 'and they got married and had kids' ending.. And hot kinky sex... What's not to like??

    How have you ladies been keeping this stuff a secret?

  3. I'm so glad you ladies like VICTORIOUS STAR! (I was utterly terrified that it was Too Much for anyone's taste.)

    Wanna know something Super-duper Top Secret? Something I haven't told ANYONE else yet?

    VICTORIOUS STAR is going to PRINT!
    - I just signed the contract with Loose Id yesterday.

  4. My Apologies C - It took me a bit to realize who you were!

    I'm thrilled you liked VS too.

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