Sunday, February 26, 2006
It's D-Day
Okay, I start the weekly checkins today. Sorry if I bore some folks but a centralized location will be better than being individually quizzed by people since Sunday is check in day for the diet challenge.

238 lbs
75 lbs to go

We'll have to see how this all goes since tomorrow I have an interview (supposedly final) for the new test job I'm jonesing for. Did I mention I tend to stress eat? LOL

Ah well, hopefully I'll be so nervous I don't WANT to eat.


  1. Maura, I'm starting my diet today too. Since I slept on my arm funny and can't exercise until it heals, I'll have to eat a lot less than usual.

    I read your bio and am amazed at all you do. Good luck on getting the job!

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