Sunday, February 05, 2006
POV Pondering
In the process of working on my WIP, Raven's White Hart, I've learned some interesting lessons about POV and what's referred to as "head-hopping". , I knew that it disturbed me as a reader when a character in a story I was reading would know something they couldn't or would make an observation that seemed totally out of character, but until I learned more about it, I wasn't fully aware of why specifically it bothered me or what it was called.

I've been trying to be careful in my WIP to make one re-reading pass focus on POV and staying true to it - I catch it more frequently than I would like to but I'm glad that I look for it. Hopefully I'll start to do it less and less the more writing I do.

Today, I was reading Alison Kent's Blog and she had a link to an interesting post on POV Slippage from Storytelling. I thought I'd link to it here for anyone else who is interested in an interesting short blurb on it.


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