Thursday, February 23, 2006
RT 2007 Challenge
After discovering that RT 2007 is in Houston and several people I really really want to meet will be there, I'm determined to go. It's too late for me to go to RT this year, so RWA Nationals will be it.

However, I've been trying to think of some incentive for a while that might make me lose the extra person I'm carrying around. Every since Baby #2, I've had two people's worth of weight. I can't seem to get up any real motivation to get rid of it "just because" but I know I want to - boy, I sound very weird, huh?

But I came up with a challenge. My first "goal" weight before I reassess is 140 lbs. My guess at my current weight was about 210-220 so I figured I had about 70-75 lbs or so to lose. RT 2007 is in about 65 weeks. A tiny bit more than a pound a week. That sounds doable.

So I set a goal, if I get to 140 lbs by RT2007, I get Dakota Cassidy to try to help me find a new look. If I do not, I take all the loop babes out for drinks.

Now, as long as I never admit to C that I'm trying to lose weight, things should be good. He has an unfailing ability to get me to eat things out of spite! The Food Police have nothing on that man - he thinks he's encouraging me but it sounds a whole LOT like nagging to me.

I think this is a good plan and head home. When I get home I get brave and step on the scale - YIKESSSS 241. That's more like 101 lbs to lose! Hmmm - that doesn't sound so doable in 65 weeks.

So now I'm going to try to stick to the original estimate of 75 lbs so 175 or so by RT 2007. I'm only going to weigh myself once per week - more makes me NUTS and we'll see how I do. Either way, I win - hanging with the babes! But dang, if I'm pubbed by then AND lost the weight... I'll need a whole new wardrobe!

Once my partner in crime/evil twin Jaynie and I determine what day of the week weigh ins will be, I'll post a baseline weight on that day and then start posting weekly updates.


  1. Maura always complains that when she is trying to hide something, I always somehow (without intending or trying to) manage to find whatever it is, no matter where it's hidden.

    I've not checked her blog in weeks.. I don't read it that often, mostly when she is cackling about something, or telling me about something and decides instead of retelling, to just show me the blog.

    So, today I'm at work.. installing new version of something I'm testing.. go to do 'start' 'run' 'regedit' and after typing in RE for regedit, I see the blog title there in the list of matches.. "hey" I say, avoiding work once again "I haven't checked Maura's blog in a while, wonder what she's up to there."

    I'm sure the goddess is having a great laugh over this right now..

    (and no I'm not going to fink on her and tell you all what she had for dinner last night, immediately after she wrote this latest entry)

  2. Arrgh - he FOUND me! LOL

    Too hilarious actually. But he's nicely sworn to try his best to not be the Food Police.


  3. You sealed you doom the moment you wrote Now, as long as I never admit to C that I'm trying to lose weight, things should be good.

    but I promise I'll try to be good.. hey if both of us are eating healthy, I might even start cooking more often.

  4. I should have known - sorta like when I hide your presents in places you haven't looked into in years.

    Then suddenly you have a legitimate reason to look there.

    It's like this psychic "find stuff deliberately hidden from me" sense! LOL

  5. muhahahahahahhaha

    I don't think Q even knows what a blog is, so I have no worries about him finding mine lol.

    Howdy C

  6. LOLOLOL! Good luck with your challenge. I do the same thing with M. If I tell him I'm on a diet, he cracks down on me as well. Nothing worse for a diet.

    But I think I'm safe too. Unlike Jaynie's hubby, my dh knows what a blog is (because I talk about it all the time), but I doubt he'd be able to find mine! he he he

  7. Hey, C--I'm Dakota. Nice to meet ya :)

    Maura and Jaynie? Go show 'em how it's done :)

  8. I know your pain, Maura. I've been on the diet for weeks now and what have I lost? Six piddly pounds. Six. Where is the justice in this? I'm going to RT this year and I have about eleven weeks left.

    The worst part is going to the gym every night. Really cuts into the writing time.

    But the best part is that my whole body is starting to firm up again.

    So, chin up, girl, and keep going. It's worth it.

    Hi there, c.

  9. Houston is closer than Florida. I'd like to go to that conference myself. I've been telling myself to walk more. Last night I walked around downtown when I went to a concert and knew the parking would be tight. So, I walked around rather than go sit down and wait for an hour. I gotta do that every day!

  10. I so want to go! Houston is like right there... I still kick myself that it was in Dallas the year I started reading and I didn't go. Where as Dallas is farther, I have friends there ;).

    Of course I am not a writer, just a reader. So you would think it would be cheap to go, but being in a room with that many books to buy scares me. Or at least my bank account.

    Good luck with the diet!

  11. {waves to all the nice folks who said hi}

    Trista, never underestimate the power of google..

    Tyler, I know the feeling.. I try to go to the gym in the AM, but it means getting up early, and sometimes it's way too easy to keep hitting snoose. Since I have a commute, if I get up an hour earlier, I shave a half hour or so off the commute, so despite spending time in the gym, it doesn't 'cost' me that much.. Not sure what Maura's workout plans are, I think she's going to spend the first few weeks just focussing on diet, and then try to find a way/time to add in exercise.

  12. Maura
    absolutely you can lose the weight! But you can't obsess about it. What you put out is what the universe hears. So if you say I want to lose weight, guess what the universe hears? you got it WEIGHT. What we speak is powerful. Just like the written word is powerful. SO, be cautious in what you say. If you want to lose weight maybe say/think/write things like...I am healthy, I am thin, or whatever. Say what it is you want instead of what you don't want. The same with your writing/publishing. Speak what you want. Speak it into existence. It's powerful this ability of intent. It's powerful and REAL.

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