Monday, February 20, 2006
Tagged - Five Guilty Pleasures
So Annalee Blysse has tagged me. Wow - never been tagged before :)

I have to narrow down my guilty pleasures to only five so let's see...

1. Reading - it might sound trite but I own over 1300 ebooks and my house is FULL of book. I've lined the upstairs hallway with shelves to contain the paperbacks and have them carefully sorted into genre, then author, then title. But I probably by easily over 50 new books a month. Of those, I may keep 1 or 2. At some point I really have to list the many stacks that are outgoing on or something and get rid of them. I'm constantly reading.

2. Chocolate - I love chocolate. I don't eat a huge amount of it at a time but I apparently need to have a steady supply on hand. I do have to hide it from the men in the house, though.

3. Craft Supplies - One of my major space hogs is my crafting supplies. I wander back and forth between mulitple crafts - beading, jewelry making, knitting, stained glass, quilting, cross stitch, etc. I have an entire craft ROOM but still have trouble resisting visiting the craft store just to "look around". Unfortunately that almost alway seems to include buying something.

4. Office Supplies/Storage Containers - I have absolutely no idea why but I have a real liking for always having a lot of office supplies on hand and I am always looking for new and more convenient/nifty/odd ways to store the items I have.

5. Cats - I'm an absolute sucker for cats. I love petting them, I visit the adoption rooms at pet stores just to pet the occupants, I pet the boarders at the vets. I have my own 7 indoor cats, all rescues, but I am always oohing and ahing over other ones. Thankfully I don't usually bring them home.

I'll have to decide who to tag next, I'll get back to you on that!


  1. My 5 guilty pleasures were a lot more naughty. LOL. I got tagged by Sasha.

  2. 1300 ebooks! Oh my goodness!

    I tried for awhile, but I got too tired of having to drive to the post office with one book. I probably spent more last year driving back and forth to the post office than I made.

    I have scrap book supplies... tons of stickers and stamps and acid-free paper.

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