Friday, February 17, 2006
I'm glad it's Friday... SO glad.

We had some wind storms last night which knocked the power out which wouldn't be a huge deal normally but the 4 year old freaks out (not quite sure why) and insists on climbing into bed with me. Since he squirms like crazy, that's the end of my real sleep.

Then I dozed off and woke again at about 6 with Merlin sitting on my chest and staring into my face from about 2 inches away. I'm not sure whether he was trying to use Feline Mind Control to get treats or trying to wish DEATH on me for the vet trip. At least he came up on his own - the last two days he was feeling so icky he didn't come up to get pets.

So C and I get up and clean the abcess drain site - yuck. Again I'm very grateful that he doesn't tend to bite. Some of the other cats would have removed a limb or two from us by now. He just yowls. A few cat treats were administered to make the process a little more worthwhile.

By then the power had come back on and C went to check on the office computers and discovered our DSL modem was not working. Luckily the bonepile contained a 2nd DSL modem (they sent us two - no idea why) and he swapped power cords and, thank the goddess, there be internet again! I would have died of withdrawal over the weekend, I'm sure.

Then the pink stuff - that's fairly easy with Merlin and a piece of turkey again soothed the disgruntled beast.

STILL no news from HR on my official job offer.

I wish I could sleep for a week but that wouldn't get RWH done. I am horribly tempted to send out the first 3 and queries for it just to get that going but then life would really suck if someone actually asked for a full.


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