Saturday, March 11, 2006
Accomplishment - At Least In Part
Well, I didn't get as much done today as I had hoped but, hey, I rarely get as much done as I hope. Definitely a case of the mind is weak and the flesh is weaker. I spent most of the day with The Morganator because C was participating in a protest (read stand on streetcorner and wave signs) against the building of a motocross track in our area. There are a lot of issues, not just a case of NIMBY - including things like it being unknown what wastes have been dumped at the site and the fact this is not an area even zoned for that type of use. But I'll not bore you too much - you can read more here if you want to - but suffice it to say that took C away for part of the day.

Then there's a Barleywine festival he wanted to go to with friends. I'm decidedly no fun because I rarely drink and hops give me hives (literally) so I opted for the gentle company of The Morganator for that, too.

On the other hand, once he had collapsed (just prior to bedtime so he could be nicely whiney when I'm trying to get him into pajamas), I got our taxes done. One thing of my time-critical list. We get money back, too, which is always good. If I start making a decent amount of money writing, I'll need to pay estimated taxes, I can tell.

Now on to RWH while I'm alone and before I get bogged down in some procrastination technique or the others....


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