Sunday, March 12, 2006
D-Day Update 2
Start = 238
Today = 236.5
To Go = 73.5

Down 1/2 lb this week - not too bad considering I had ice cream yesterday and I'm stress eating a bit at work as I try to wind down from current day job so I can start new day job. Trying to not let it be excessive.

Still need to drink more water - I get distracted and don't get more when my glass is empty.


  1. A half pound down is better than a half pound up. I'm right there with you, except I didn't get to the gym last week, what with the edits and all.

    Hang in there girl.

  2. I've GOT to get going this week. I don't have much time before the next conference and then RT to get into my clothes!!!! ACK!!!!

  3. Good for you, Maura! Any amount is better than nothing. Although, remember, even when the actual pounds lost seems at a standstill, if you're exercising you're probably still losing actual inches. Bonus! :-) I'm working on things too, as I bought my dress for Nationals and although it fits now, I'm planning on knocking off some weight between now and July so I'll be taking that dress in for alterations. I just fell in love with it, but didn't want to chance it not still being in the store in a few months.


  4. Good luck with the diet!

  5. Congrats on another loss :) I'm cheering for you (well I'm not wearing a cheer leader outfit and I don't have the pom poms but I'm sending good thoughts your way!)

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