Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Diets and Goodbye Lunches Don't Mix Well
Today was the last day with my current group at my day job. They are nice folks and I'll miss them as well as miss seeing the projects and theories we've introduced come to fruition.

To say goodbye, they took me to a restaurant called Claim Jumper. This place serves HUGE portions and I was trying hard to not go nuts. I did pretty well - until my boss and co-workers decided that I HAD to have their 6 layer chocolate cake "Motherload" for dessert. We're talking about something over a foot tall.

I tried to beg off but they ordered it anyway. Pictures were taken, I ate 1/6 of it with lunch and about died. The rest I got packed up to take home (along with the rest of my lunch).

I did manage to finish packing my office, in spite of my desire to lock the door and take a nap on the floor.

But I'm sure my week will suck as far as dieting....


  1. I love Claim Jumper! Awesome place. Yeah, these going out things don't mix well with diets. I'm right there with you, and need to lose 8 pounds before 3/30 and then another 10 before 5/15.

    About 5 years ago I lost 90 pounds and kept it off for 3 years. Then I got lazy. Sigh. Now my clothes don't fit!

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