Thursday, March 09, 2006
One of THOSE days
Ever have one of THOSE days. I woke up crabby today and it shows no signs of getting better. I was already annoyed that when trying to work on my last chapter edits of RWH, I was literally falling asleep. I did stop and go to bed because I know I do crappy work when half asleep anyway and I'd only have to fix things again later.

I have cramps from hell today. The only thing I miss about pregnancy was not having cramps - well, not until those hugely killer ones at 9.5 months (yes - .5 - I was ready to throw myself in front of a bus).

Right now I'm wishing desperately for some cosmis OFF button. I'll sign 100 waivers. I'll swear that the factory is closed.... Can't it just STOP already? Unfortunately I'm most likely doomed to about 12 more years of it, if my mother is anything to judge by.

So I'm pissy. Very pissy. In pain. Chugging Advil. I really really want about 20 pieces of chocolate but I can't have them and they actually don't help. I know that. But I still want them NOW.

The co-workers have already been snarled at once. I shut my door and locked it after that. I really wanted to BITE someone - and not in any good way. Except they're geeks and probably would taste awful and I'd lose my dayjob for some sort of harassment. But I think it would make me feel better - at least for a while. Instead I just locked them out.

By the end of the day, I might start seeing chocolate being shoved under the door....



  1. Sorry to hear about your bad day - I can soooo relate, well, except about the whole pregnancy thing. But the rest is rather gotta laugh a little though, otherwise those geeky co-workers are dead meat, quite possibly in the literal sense. Just remember days like these do eventually come to an end - it just seems like they last forever. Hang in there....

  2. (((((((((Maura)))))))))

    Sending hugs and positive energy your way! Hope your Friday's going better.

    My Thursday was just like that! Including everything!

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