Monday, March 06, 2006
Raven's White Hart - Blurb Is Up
I got brave and went ahead and put up a blurb for Raven's White Hart on my website. The very first thing in the Books page! LOL.

No excerpt yet because:
1) It's not done
2) It's not sold

You can read it here, if you are so inclined!


  1. Sounds really cool! Good luck with selling it!

  2. Sounds great, Maura! I will vibe with you that it sells soon!

  3. It IS really cool (the parts I've been able to read *g*....Maura??? What happens next?)

    Erin the Innocent,
    test reader extraordinaire

  4. Maura, it sounds good - I love that it's set in Scotland. Can't wait to read more....

  5. Maura, I think you've got a winner here. Scotland settings are always hot and add paranormal to that...what could go wrong? Keep plugging away and get that puppy out the door!

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