Friday, March 03, 2006
Review: Managing a Family by J.J. Massa
Managing a Family by J.J. Massa
Book 4 of The Montgomery Family
Venus Press eBooks - March 2006

Yancey Livingston thought his finding his mate and marking her was a dream born of the exhaustion and partying following the end of a concert series. When he woke in the morning, his memories of the night were confused and incomplete but he could smell her on his sheets. Now if only he knew if she was human or Were and how to find her....

Philomena Crossland has been a backup singer and friend of the Montgomery family for years, ever since they had taken her in when she was expelled from her own family as an unwanted hybrid. For years she's known her mate and been in love with him, but he'd never given her the time of day.

Now Yancey has marked his mate but how does he convince her that he's not the unfeeling jerk and unworthy mate he first appeared? Can he redeem himself?

I started reading the Montgomery Family series with the very first book - Acting Like Family. Since then, I've waited (and pestered) for each new book and bought them as soon as they were released.

This is another great book in the series. I'd wanted to know what would happen to Yancey for a while but I hadn't anticipated this :)

The strong personalities and individual natures of each of the characters in JJ's books is superb. They are all distinctly individual and human yet ... not. It's a difficult thing to pull off in a shapeshifter series. They never lose their humanity and flaws but never are purely human.

One of the most interesting things to me in JJ's series is the hybrids - be they Were + wolf or Were + canine, it's interesting to see the prejudices that exist and how they play out into the plots and werewolf society. I am particularly fond of Mik and this is interesting in counterpoint to Mik's nature, morals and impact.

The only disappointment I really had was that now I'm worried about Miles and Ashley and can't find out what happens NOW.

You can read these stories independently of each other but I highly recommend the whole series. These are the stories that put JJ on my auto-buy list and I still reread all of them periodically.


  1. I enjoy shifter stories... haven't read that series.

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