Friday, March 17, 2006
RWH up to 47% Complete!
I am hoping to get to 50% tomorrow night before bed. I might be a bit hindered by the fact we have dinner at a friend's house so most of the evening will be without writing time. But oh well.

I really do want to finish by 3/31 so I can meet my goal.

I did discover that reading the story out loud made certain issues stand out to me. I was reading some chapters to C this evening and found that out. Maybe I'll be the nutty writer reading her stories to her cats!

But it's 1:50 am now, time for bed.


  1. Whoo Hooo!!!

    Maura - I'm also a writer who likes to read my story out-loud. I think it really helps to find awkward writing, etc.

  2. I swear by reading stories outloud (when time permits). I'm also an English teacher, both H.S. and college, and I tell my students to read to a mirror, a cat, a dog, a stump or a taperecorder. If you've ever given a speech and changed the words to make it sound better, then you know it really helps. So, as you change it to make it "sound" better, you make it "read" better, too!

    WooHoo for 47% complete.

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