Sunday, April 16, 2006
Back from Easter Weekend
We spent the Easter weekend with C's parents and, despite my fears to the contrary, it wasn't bad at all. It was fun and no one got yelled at or yelled.

Morganator had a good time playing with his cousins' dog that G&G were babysitting (a blonde lab named Jessie), taking walks in the woods with Grandpa and Jessie and wrestling a bunch.

We went to the community egg hunt and Morganator was highly disappointed that he only got 2 eggs but he was in the 4-7 age group and there were a LOT of kids and not a lot of eggs. He didn't cry or excessively whine, though, which was good.

We had a nice brunch out at a local place that makes fantastic dessert and meal crepes and Morganator's eyes absolutely LIT up when a strawberry crepe was put in front of him. He even managed to eat quite a bit more of it than I thought he would be able to.

Weather was nice too!

All in all, a nice weekend though I feel like I didn't get much time off and the weekend just disappeared. And, of course, despite my hopes to the contrary, I didn't get any more work done on RWH...


On into the busy week!


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