Monday, April 24, 2006
Contests - Why Did I Bother? LOL
So, despite my qualms to the contrary, I entered a small contest held by several authors I hold as personal idols. Results came out this week - nada for me.

I struggle with this in some ways because it's like I have some weird multiple personality disorder with it.

I was excited and knew I had good stuff and thought I might be good enough to win.
I knew I had enormous competition in published authors and my scene wasn't nearly as hot or edgy as theirs.
I "knew" I probably didn't stand much of a chance - but I was still holding out hope.
The contest got drawn out more and I kept holding out hope.

We got the results and nada. So I was bummed.

I hope I remember this next time I get the bright idea to enter a writing contest. Now I'm sorta depressed and feel crappy about the project as a whole.


Obviously I should just swear off any kind of contests.


  1. grrrrrrrrrrrr Your entry was good Maura! Did everyone get feedback on their entries (even if they didn't win?)

  2. Maura, darling,

    You must not feel this way. Contests have hundreds of entries and only one or two winners, so winning one will always be a crap shoot. Do not take this to heart.

    Remember, writing is a passion you do for yourself with the hope others will find it enjoyable.

    I'll tell you what - I'll take one email from a fan like the one I got this morning telling me they loved my book over winning a contest any day of the week.


  3. Michelle's right, don't give up. Contests are subjective. Depends on the mood of the judge, the bias of that particular judge (say you have explicit sex and no one else does!) and so forth. Find and pick contests judged by editors and agents because they're likely to have more of an objective view (unless they're having a bad day. :D) Take heart. My Forbidden Magic Rita scores were so-so. 7's, 8's and a 5.2. LOL Could be the threesomes and foursomes in a category not known for all the sex I have. *g* Or I should say my characters have. LOL

  4. You already know this, but I'll say it any old way, Maura. Contest are subjective and I won't dog on them, but I will say that they are in no way a determinant of your talent. Do you know how many published authors got DOGGED by contests and some of these authors are multi-pubbed and doing WELL! Keep doing your thang, Maura girl!

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