Sunday, April 02, 2006
D-Day Update 5
This week sucked with a double-birthday week. My birthday on Wednesday and my youngest son's on Thursday. It's very hard to resist birthday treats, especially when the Morganator was literally feeding me bites of his yummy cake. Sigh

Challenge Start = 238
Today = 237.5
ToGo = 74.5
Down From Last Week = -3.5

Probably doesn't help that I'm bloated from PMS and crap.

Ah well - back on the wagon.... At least the cake is GONE.


  1. You may have had cake, but you're still down 3.5 pounds! That is great!

  2. Down 3.5 is better than up 3.5.

    I'm not doing much better, if it's any consolation. I think it's all the rain we've been having. Yeah, that's it.

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