Monday, April 10, 2006
I Think My Muse Has ADD
Or maybe schizophrenia....

Trying to finish Raven's White Hart - really. Now at 64% complete. But going slooowwwly. Not quite sure why... I got on a good roll with the long outdoor sex scene and fixed it up a bit more when I realized (and my test reader concurred) that I had too much he/she going on.

But my muse really wants to talk about other characters. Or other books entirely....

Sheesh. Between that and my periodic bouts of suckitis, it's hard to keep going sometimes....

Too bad there's no Ritalin for muses....


  1. Maura, based on this entry, have I got something for you! ;-)

    I have the perfect tees in my storefront that reads "I think my muse has been drinking again." LOL!


  2. Maura, use your ADD to your advantage! I'm serious, girl! I honestly have it and have learned to work with it...wouldn't know what to do without it!

    Know what I do, when it "acts up"? I put that mani down for a second, and outline or jot down ideas for another. I'm doing that, in the back of my mind is the one I put away. For whatever reason, the muse was not cooperating and it's best to leave it alone until it is again. I absolutely don't force it.

    But instead of not writing at all, I start the IDEA of another one. Don't actually write it, just start jotting down ideas. I'm fairly new to writing, but so far, this has kick started my muse so I can go back in and finish!

    keep plugging away...and if all else fails, go write another long sex scene. That can be the very thing you need to kick your muse back into action ;)

  3. LOL, Maura. I think I can relate sometimes! My mind heads somewhere else and everything distracts me. But I am hyperfocused at times, and that's something that ADD people do. They let everything else go and hyperfocus on one thing. So it can be used to your advantage. :-)

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