Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Day Job Rant
Okay - so most of you know my day job is as a tester (Software Development Engineer in Test to be precise) at a ... uh... major software company in Redmond, Washington.

I recently moved to a new position in the Security Technology Unit where I can work on fun things like infrastructure for how we deal with spyware and viruses, etc. Exciting stuff every day and right up with my interests.

I've been there now for about 2 months and have sunk my teeth into my assigned project finally.

Now, those of you who know me might know (or guess) that I'm a little Type A when it comes to work. I tend to be aggressive and rather take charge and don't tolerate crap well.

This has been over a week of sheer crap.

Today made me almost postal because:
1) Code Complete was scheduled for 2 days ago - I still have no code and no eta from the developer. In fact I have UTTER SILENCE from him. No code complete means I cannot start testing.
2) All the bugs from said developer are sitting on his plate, still unresolved.
3) One of the internal customers for the product I'm working on decided to have a fit about something is being handled after code complete was scheduled and was trying to insist on a redesign in the middle of the ship cycle.
4) My PM is too green to leave in charge of dealing with said customer, so I end up doing so. After about 5 emails, I finally call her - at 6:30pm my time, and spend 40 minutes talking about what is going on and FINALLY talk her into letting it go as it is and working with the PM to redesign it afterward.
5) My laptop that I started to install a beta build of some software we were all asked to try out has gone into an endless cycle of rebooting. Start the several hour process AGAIN.
6) Test plan review tomorrow - thought of more use cases not included in plan
7) Code review schedule from developer for tomorrow - 3 days AFTER code complete. Sorry dudes, it's NOT code complete until it's checked in and I GET IT.
8) I finally get out of the office and home at 8pm. Lovely.... Tomorrow doesn't look much better but at least my craft night might calm me down. If my friend doesn't try to get me to debug his code for him.

This is on top of lovely things like finding out that two utility programs either will not work with the new code or will totaly screw up the database.

A developer who *I* am telling how to solve problems and what code to write.

My boss took his fidget toys away from me because he said I was going to destroy them.

The women's group wants to reorganize their mail list again - all 3000+ members thereof.

I wish I was a drinker because I'd probably get drunk about now.

Reminds self *No punching holes in the wall - you still haven't fixed the hole from the teenager doing that and hate patching walls*

And today, with my luck, I'd break my hand.

I think I'll change my sig lines at work and on IM. Someone I was helping gave me a great quote (though I don't know the author):

"When your purpose in life is to etertain the gods, there's nothing to do but put on a good show."

Wonder if "Rampaging like a crazed rhino in rut" counts as a good show?


  1. a crazed rhino? Could you record that please? *g*

    Seriously...it sounds like you're having a sucky week. Do you at least get a long weekend this weekend (like I do up here?)

  2. Nope - no long weekend. That's the last weekend of the month... And I have to sign off on testing the day after. Can you tell what will go south if things don't get done on time?

  3. well crap

  4. {{{{HUGS}}}}

  5. Ick Maura! You're reminding me why I quit working for Verizon:S Good luck with all you have to do. I hope your week gets better!

  6. Here.... need a Voodoo Doll?
    I can FedEx some fidgit toys, too...

  7. I'm sorry your week has been so bad. Here's to the upcoming weekend, hope you get much needed rest and quiet!

  8. Geez...I hope your day goes a bit better than it had today. Life can be a pain in the rear end. Sorry I can't say much else other than I hope the idiot designer that decided to slack off gets his act together. I didn't mean those words precisely but I decided I wouldn't be really rude and say what I thought of the dude. Anyways have a good night.

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