Saturday, May 20, 2006
A New Writing Technique - Story Cupping
Today was the meeting of the small local critique group I belong to. We met, as usual, at a local Tully's coffee shop and after a few hours of painstakingly going over each other's work, we became confused about the exact character relationships and story arc in one member's book.

In attempting to explain these intricate details, our group discovered a great new writing technique - Story Cupping.

We found ourselves using the various cups from coffee that were now scattered about the table to represent various people in her story! It quickly became pretty hilarious as we would ascribe physical traits to paper coffee cups (and a McDonald's soda cup and a water bottle). We even had a small espresso cup to represent a child!

Who needs Barbie & Ken - we have CUPS!


  1. LMAO that sounds like an interesting technique. Just keep to the coffee shops with it though. It could have horrible consequences if you did that in a bar (and had to empty out a bunch of glasses *g*)

  2. If I were a character in a story, I'd want to be an iced mocha with whipped cream. Actually, I want to drink one. This is neat. I wish I had people to meet with near me. Then again, that would mean me getting out of my jammies. Never mind!! Yehaw, I love the sticks.

  3. Now, this? This I would have liked to witness :D

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