Thursday, May 18, 2006
The Rant Continues
Well, I had hoped that today would be significantly better than yesterday. This proved only partially true.

Late last night at bedtime brought on one of the lovely discussions that make married life SO interesting. Unfortunately I got upset during it and ended up getting out of bed to leave, have a good cry and do not much of anything until I thought I might be able to sleep again. Of course this was the very nice hour of about 4am.

I managed to heave myself out of bed to take Morgan to daycare and get to work. Not quite sure how but I did.

Ah, then the Day Job....

Late last night my developer's code checkin broke the build last night. My boss asked the pointed question of who had double checked it for him. Based on the lack of response, I'll put my money on "no one."

I sent email about noon that I was officially slipping the schedule. It would have to move out at least one week because we were already 4 days over the scheduled code complete and there was no way *I* was going to absorb that amount of time.

Then I poke around and discover the developer isn't resolving his issues in our bug tracking database. There are 10 items for this release that are still active and assigned to him. At the moment I'm waiting for him to tell me he's done resolving all the bugs he needs to because I'd bet money that he will NOT get all those resolved.

We did have a good informal company meeting which heralded some good changes in the land of work atmosphere and perfomance reviews.

Oh, and several co-workers have volunteered to chip into a bail fund, just in case I need it....


  1. Hugs on the marital discord and employment-related difficulties, Maura. How come things always happen all at once? Been there, done that on both accounts. Hope things improve quickly, especially on the home front, since that's the one that really counts. :-)


  2. Maura,

    I can totally relate on the work thing. We just relaunched our site, which the powers that be decided to outsource - WTF were they thinking?! We lost a ton of functionality, because noone bothered to check with my group to see what upgrades we had done in functionality since the original documentation was done. So now the new site totally sucks, and my group has to try mop up the mess left behind. Of course, we have no access to the code to fix it up. We moved from a .NET to a Java based environment, so we can't even pass along our code to our new "partners" to get the fixes made. It sucks, big time. All we get in response is "That wasn't in the original script - put it in as an enhancement request". Forget the fact that it's current functionality (of course not any more, it's not - LOL!!!)

    I so hate working with idiots. Especially when they then want to try to turn it around and blame you somehow.

    Hugs to you... hope your hubby comes to his senses and gives you a big fat hug.

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