Sunday, May 07, 2006
Various Updates
Let's see, a few updates are in order...

One is that I'm finally at 71% of RWH and trying to chug on. Sllooowwwlly getting there. It's not helped by the fact the Day Job is very challenging and eats up a whole lot of time and energy. Just means things take longer.

Ideas for new stories keep pouring in far faster than I could write any of them. I just keep writing them down and stuffing them in the idea box for now. I have a feeling that I probably have more ideas than I can ever write in my entire life. I'm not sure what everyone else does but the Idea Box seems to fill my need to not "lose" the idea but not require me to immediately do more than just write the idea down.

I'm also working on my technical book which is due to the editor 10/1 and I want to beat that by at least a month. I HATE being late and much prefer being very early!

Diet is going...nowhere. I'm hanging in at the same weight for several weeks. Certainly no one to blame but me and the fact that I totally suck a self-denial, especially when under stress - like now.

Guess that's about it right now. I know everyone was so interested in this that they could barely keep their eyes open but I feel guilty when I don't mind the blog....


  1. You're getting closer on RWH! I like to be early, too. I hate being late. But I think that's going to be the problem with my current revision for SMP. Sigh.

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