Sunday, June 18, 2006
Burglary Update
So - Today I ordered a perimeter alarm system to be installed. A lovely $1200 but I do get money off my homeowners insurance for having it and I think I need the peace of mind right now.

Adding up just the replacement value of the items that were stolen is depressing. I was appalled and really depressed. And still worried about my cat, Meeps.

But things got a little better today. I found some personal items that they didn't get which I had feared they did.

And, best of all, at just after midnight I was getting ready to go to bed and I saw a little black cat outside the sliding glass door. Now, mind you, the feral colony we caretake has about 10 little black cats but this one didn't appear to have the ear notch we use to indicate we've caught and fixed the cat.

So I sloooowwwllly go over and open the glass door to see what said cat would do. Instead of running which would be normal for the ferals, she meows and sticks her head in the door.

Several of the other cats come over and sniff at her and don't hiss and she just meows at them. At this point she's about 2/3 of the way in the door so I try shutting it. She bolts back out.

So I open the door again. Any feral wouldn't even come close.... She comes in again, meowing. This time I (barely) get the door shut in time and actually get her head in it (don't worry, not hard) and she struggles and fights but pulls back until she's inside.

She heads for the hills... But when I put out some squishy food in the kitchen, she's eating it like the first meal she's had in days (which it may be) about 5 minutes later.


Well, a slight possibility it's one freaked out and confused stranger cat, but not likely.

Hallelujah. That's a big load off my mind.


  1. Hi Maura,

    I'm happy the cat is back home and getting the alarm system installed should help restore your peace of mind. As for the other stuff like anger and worry, those will take a little longer to overcome, but it will get better with time.

    Hang in there darlin.

  2. So glad Meeps made it home.

  3. She didn't share the other great news.. very shortly after she posted this, she comes bouncing over to me (think 'snoopy dance') shoves her hand in front of my face, opens it, and lo and behold.. the Engagement/wedding ring/band set..

    truely this is one of those 'the goddess was looking out for her' things. it was found about three drawers lower than where it was put, at the very back corner of that 'tray' in the jewelery cabinet. pretty close to hidden by a bunch of bagged up (little ziplocks) beaded jewelery that the thieves didn't want..

    it had to have 'hopped' down there somehow when they were pulling out the upper drawers which had all the sterling chainmalle stuff in them. (which they cleaned out entirely) Not only did both the ring and the band make the jump, but they effectively went and HID in as hard to spot a location as they could, surrounded by stuff the burglers considred 'junk'. Thank you Goddess!

    Minor miracle really, especially when you consider the abysmally low max our insurance turns out to have on jewelery.. That was maxed out just with the stuff she's made over the last few years (not counting labor!)

  4. Thank the goddess Meeps is home again.

    I'm so sorry to hear about this, Maura. It's happened to me, twice, so I know exactly how you feel (I live in a condo now, 3rd floor). May the perps suffer from bad breath and hives. Buggers.

    Peace of mind is most important now. The alarm system will help a lot.

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