Friday, June 23, 2006
Hmmm - Why are the Gods Mad at Me?
So - yesterday evening I'm in the living room with the Morganator and C is upstairs playing City of Villains for his game night when there's a HUGE boom and the entire house goes dark.

Now, it could have been worse, since it was still light out at this time of year at about 8:30 or so when it happened. And it wasn't terribly cold.... But still.

No power. No phone.....

C went out to see what was going on just as I was calling the power company on my cell phone to report the outage.

Two huge cedar trees had fallen and landed on the power and phone lines across the road from us. They took out the lines to the pole beside our house and that of everyone up the road (only 3 houses, but still).

There are power and phone lines on the ground. Our neighbors have driven down to check and the fallen trees (+ wires) are blocking the road.

Just lovely.....

We end up going to bed since we didn't know when the power company might get things fixed. Morganator squirmed for HOURS in our bed because he's scared to sleep alone in the total darkness and no way was I giving him a candle or oil lamp.

At one point I woke up to hear chainsaws. At 3:15 the power came back on.

Phone company didn't get their stuff fixed until this morning....

SHeesh - we're on a roll of some sort!


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