Thursday, June 22, 2006
Meeps the Escape Artist
So - after bragging that Meeps came back in a few days after the burglary, she's escaped again.

Apparently while C had the front door open a little ways (and was standing there) to measure for new locks, she darted by him. He says the next thing he knew, she was standing on the porch and laughing at him (metaphorically, of course).

We saw her under the house that day (Tuesday) but nothing since. Hopefully she'll come up for food when I can see her and (again) work at getting her back inside.



  1. sounds like meeps got a taste for the great outdoors :D

  2. Oh yeah big time.

    Normally I have to practically corner her to get a pet or two in, and she won't come near me in most parts of the house.. but she had to have darted within like 6 inches of me to get out the door while I was working on the lock.

    We've seen her several times now, and the minute we open a door or even make like we are going to open the sliding glass door, she bolts. She clearly has no interest in coming back inside just now.

    little turkey

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