Tuesday, June 27, 2006
The Meeps Saga Update
So, after multiple more days of seeing Meeps outside daily and trying to tempt her inside, we have achieved success (again).

C saw her hanging about outside while he was getting the cat trap ready for another round of trying to trap her. Morganator opened the door and was good about stepping away then I put a bowl of food on the floor inside.

After multiple teasing attempts of wandering close, sticking just her nose in the doorway, then retreating, I finally gave up and sat down on the couch while trying to keep an eye out for the other cats who may try to take advantage of the open door to make their own break.

Suddenly she decided to come inside and sniff one of the other cats and I was able to slam the door shut. She is MOST offended and is now wanding around meowing LOUDLY at us.

Tough Tuna, Cat. You're in now.

Just hope no one lets her out on the 4th of July.

Damned Feline.


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