Sunday, June 04, 2006
Paying Ahead Or Why It's Easier to Give Than Take
So, one of the people I dearly adore is a published author and I've been priviledged to act as a sounding board for her as she works on some new stories. I love being a test reader and am happy to offer opinions or any assistance I can. And I have a LOT of opinions to offer! And I think I learn something new with each one.

But, when this same person offered to read my WIP for me and help me, I was really torn and couldn't quite figure out why until I bent Jaynie's (virtual) ear for a while.

I think I try so hard to not impose on the authors I have made friends with because I don't want to cross that friendship with asking them for favors. So many people drag on the published authors and try to get everything from goodies to free feedback to intros to publishers or agents that I just NEVER want to be seen as one of the folks who are only friends with an author if the author can help them.

So maybe I have a hard time accepting even if the authors offer help. I'm still not convinced they actually learn anything from me besides new ways to evidence neuroses. So to me I seem like a drain on already pressing time :)

I'm weird, huh? LOL


  1. Not silly at all, babe :D Just shows you really do care about your friends!

  2. yes you're weird.

    Not for that reason but you're definitely weird *g*

    I agree with the other Erin (obviously the name of intelligent women) It shows you care for your friends. I think a lot of people find it easier to give help than to receive it :)

  3. Actually, there's nothing more valuable than a reader who can give a truly honest opinion, especially if she can find flaws in the story. My best and most favorite readers are the ones who question why I've done one thing or another. Like gold, those readers.

    The really good ones are sooo hard to come by.

    So if your author friend is offering to give something back, maybe it's because she feels like she owes you, after all the wonderful gifts you've given her.

  4. Um, yeah--what TYLER said--and the Erin twins too!

    Hugs and kisses,
    DC :)

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