Thursday, June 15, 2006
Today we were burglarized
I got home from work early today in order to do fun things like wrap a present for a birthday party Morganator is going to on Saturday. I walked in the door and noticed a door open that we don't generally leave open. At first I assumed that Morganator had left it open and was just hoping the cats were not into mischief.

Then I noticed the spot on the coffee table normally occupied by our laptop was empty.

Yep - we'd been burglarized.

So I call C who was on his way home, then call the cops. I just get agrier and angrier as I looked through the house.

It looks like the got in through a window in the playroom.

Missing (so far):
- Laptop
- Digital Camera
- 2 drawers of silver & amber jewelry (I make jewelry)
- my custom made platinum engagement and wedding rings
- 2 handguns and their carry cases
- collector knives - including the one we used to cut Morganator's umbilical cord when he was born.

They totally tossed the bedroom around and the office. They had to be on foot because they didn't take the fancy monitors or anything.

What a mess. I'm upset and angry. I'd like about 5 minutes alone with whomever did it with my 3 foot crowbar.

One of the cats is still missing. I'm hoping she's just stuck somewhere and didn't actually get outside.


  1. Oh, Maura!!! That makes me just want to cry! I know cyber hugs won't help, but I'm sending them anyway. I hope you have luck catching whoever did it. What a horrible thing to have happen.


  2. *HUGS*

    Has the cat been found yet?

  3. Surfing around this evening... This is awful news. Sorry to hear it. Glad your cat is home again.

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