Monday, July 17, 2006
Dvorak Journey - Day 1
I don't actually have my Dvorak keycaps yet but I went ahead and started the switch.

Today was officially day 1 of the great Dvorak journey. After a little while of getting the pc's set up, I was off and ... painfully pecking but mostly erasing.

I've already been tempted to give up because it has proven to be even more frustrating than I anticipated. But I know it's a good long term investment, so I'm continuing to forge on.

My typing speed is about 10wpm from about 90wpm.

So far the lessons are:
1. Windows assigns language per instance as a default so I need to see if I can do a global default setting.
2. Punctuation is very hard to find.
3. Growling at it doesn't help.


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