Sunday, July 16, 2006
So - the Doctor says
It's a lovely case of carpal tunnel. No wonder I've had tingling hands, pain radiating up my arm and sometimes wake up with numb hands.

Ahhh - lovely.... Oh SO lovely.

So I get a lovely pair of wrist splints to wear and I get yet another reason to switch to Dvorak. And Aleve.

And if that doesn't help, I get to see a neurologist for more extensive testing and such.

Color me not surprised but distinctly unthrilled.

Wearing the splints at night does help the numbness (and scares the cats). I can stand them part of teh day but can't wear them while making jewelry because I can't grip the pliers properly. I'm trying though.

I got an additional set on my doctor's recommendation since he says each brand fits a little differently and it's good to have two that I can wear so I can wash one and let it dry.

ah - joy.


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