Sunday, September 03, 2006
Alaska Cruise Day 0 - The Day Before
We each took the day off work today to be able to tie up any loose ends and perform any last tasks like drop Gandalf (our parrot) off for boarding and drop Morgan off at Grandma & Grandpa V’s.

But my first errand of the day was to visit the doctor. About 10 days ago Morgan had brought some virus home from daycare and the whole family caught it. Because Chuck and I both have asthma, we react very badly to any sort of respiratory infections. Despite us both being on antibiotics, neither of us was much better and it was my turn to get looked at before we left.

While I was getting an additional 10 days of antibiotics, Chuck and Morgan were running other errands including taking the parrot for boarding. At this point I should mention that it was a good thing that a) the parrot store is owned by Gandalf’s original breeder and b) they weren’t already full of boarders. Not only did Chuck neglect to make reservations ahead of time (one of his few designated tasks) but he didn’t even call before he drove over there. What his plan was if they didn’t have any room, I don’t know. Wait – he probably didn’t have a plan!

But, thankfully they did have room and took the parrot after a slight bit of chastising of Chuck.

Then we were off to Leavenworth (WA) to drop Morgan off with Chuck’s parents. We had deliberately not told Morgan that he was going to visit Grandma and Grandpa until the day before he was to go. This was mostly in self-defense as he would undoubtedly hound us to death every day between. He’d gotten a brand new little kid’s suitcase and helped pack his own clothes the night before.

Almost as soon as we arrived he was asking to go on a walk in the woods with Grandpa and going into town with Grandma to get groceries. In the meantime Chuck and I went into town for a few more long-sleeved shirts and a Gore-Tex hat for me. We had a nice dinner with the in-laws and helped Chuck’s dad with his laptop issues before heading back home to finish packing before we were to leave the next day.

I tried to get a big hug and kiss from Morganator before I left but when we told him we were leaving, all he did was race into the room and yell "Bye Bye", wave and then run off. Sigh. Too bad he's got such problems with separation!

The cats greeted us with great suspicion – they (especially Meeps) are all too aware that when I drag out the big blue box and start putting clothes in it, there is always a disruption to the squishy food delivery. In this case a large one as a friend was coming to feed and water them every few days.

I finished the vast majority of my packing that evening but Chuck decided he was too tired and would do it tomorrow.


  1. Yeesh! Chuck left it til last minute? I'd have wanted to smack him lol

    I'm glad you're back :)

  2. Why is it that getting ready for vacation is as much an adventure as actually going on vacation??? LOL

    Hope you made tons of memories, hon!


  3. You're back...but you're leaving us! WAAAAAAHHHH!
    I'm so very jealous. Have a blast, babe :D

  4. Not leaving! This was the cruise I just returned from

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