Friday, October 13, 2006
Update on my Dental Joy
Thanks for all the virtual hugs. Today was the great completion of the root canal on the broken tooth. I was a little more relaxed, especially after the valium.

My regular dentist finished the job and 2 hours later that ugliness was done. I had to have the awful palate shot too. That's enough to make this grown woman whimper.

I get to come back in about 2 weeks to have the tooth prepped for a crown.


But with the valium, the dark glasses, and the rather lovely high flow of nitrous, my feet were tingling but I didn't really care too much what was going on in my mouth as long as I couldn't feel it.

Ah well.


  1. Morning Babe,

    Glad things went smoothly for you. Thank the stars in heaven for valium ~grinz~


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