Sunday, November 26, 2006
Lines that make you think
So today I was playing a new CD I'd bought - which I don't like as well as the first album by Sharon Knight - and had one of those moments where a sentence or line I read just strikes me as particularly thought-provoking.

"I have dipped my toes in the madness of muses."

I read this in the album notes and it really struck me as true. I seem to have finally accepted that I am a writer. I have no idea why it took me so long to do so - maybe because my sale is a non-fiction book instead of fiction?

Not only am I a writer but I have accomplished the near mythical - I sold the very first book I proposed and completed. And in a market I was told was dead.

But now I'm more driven to complete and sell a fiction book - and I wonder if then I will feel more like a "real" writer? Or maybe not. Is there a threshold where, once you cross it, you become a "real" writer?

Now that I've started writing fiction, I do feel like I've dipped my toes in the madness of muses. I have more ideas all the time. I see potential in all the things I hear or see. Perhaps I have become a part of the madness of muses.


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