Sunday, November 26, 2006
The Madness of Muses
Today was somewhat introspective for some reason. No real idea why but I often seem to be at the mercy of the voices in my head.

I still find myself with the thought that I don't feel like a "real" writer. Not that I can define what exactly a "real" writer feels like. I have no idea if there is some magical threshold that you cross and then you are suddenly a "real" writer. At the moment it's a bad case of imposter syndrome.

A few weeks ago I suddenly realized that I really had a book coming out. It's in the hands of the editors. It's already on Amazon. And I have managed to accomplish that near mythical achievement - My first sale is the very first book I proposed and completed. But I haven't really celebrated that - maybe because it's not fiction? I'm not 100% sure.

But now I'm turning my mind back to fiction. Today I read a line from a song by Sharon Knight that really struck me.

"I have dipped my toes in the madness of muses."

In a way this is how I feel sometimes. There are so many ideas out there, constantly tickling at my mind. A constant influx of ideas and concepts, characters and worlds. Everything I am exposed to is fodder for the muses. In it's way, I think it is a kind of madness.


  1. WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!??! Come back! No more non-fiction projects; I forbid it :-)

  2. Hang in there Maura, you are 'real' darlin.


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