Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Roomba 2 : Felines 0
So we have one of the little Roomba robotic vacuums. It works great - when I get around to decluttering enough that I can run it again, but I digress.

I will agree with the folks who have said that it's almost more like a pet than an appliance - my 5 year old son takes great delight in following and watching it. The cats merely think it is E.V.I.L.

Yesterday C and I were sitting on the couch after Morganator had gone to bed and I hear a beeping. Not the typical one I hear, either, which tends to be when I have forgotten to recharge my cell phone.

I look at C and we almost simultaneously ask "What is that beeping?" Then we heard the sound of the Roomba as it began to back out of its charging station. And Alex - tail fuzzed and heading for the door at a quick pace.

Apparently the cat had managed to sit or stand on the buttons on top and started up the Roomba. We almost passed out laughing at the situation and I turned it back off and set it back in the charger.

Tonight C was out and I was sitting on the couch with Morganator when I hear the beeping again and look over to see Merlin hop off the top of the Roomba and stare at it while it beeped a few more times - then he trotted off when it backed toward him.

Sigh - I hope they don't turn it off while we're at work or in bed


  1. You need to have a nanny cam pointed at it just in case something funny happens when you're at work *s*

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